Solo projects

My current solo projects are called ‘Arquitecturas del Silencio‘ and ‘Black Birds’. Both programmes are based on a specific idea, but the final concert program will always be slightly adapted to the stage,  location, or situation where I will be performing.

Arquitecturas del Silencio

Arquitecturas del Silencio, meaning ‘The architecture of Silence’  is a piece composed by José Maria Sanchez Verdú. Not only the musical material but also the theme of this work draw my immediate attention. To me, the beauty of art, music, often lies in those elements you cannot entirely grasp, see or verbalize.

With this motive in mind, I created this solo program, which I also recorded on CD in 2018.

“..despite her early age, Erica Roozendaal succeeds in sounding like a very mature and seasoned musician who, moreover, is unbridled curious in life. We must cherish such people, because they are equipped with antennas, capturing things that you and I do not know. That she succeeds in making this music accessable for you and me to listen to is, I think, a great gift and I certainly cannot end without having mentioned the very nice packaging of this album. Heavenly!” (Dani Heyvaert,

CD- Reviews: (in Dutch)

De Nieuwe Koers

Black Birds

‘Black Birds’ is the title of Kalevi Aho’s second work for solo accordion.  Each of the five movements is a metaphorical reference to bird song.  Interpreted as character studies, I use this piece as a common thread thoughout the entire program. Combined with visuals (self-portraits), a new work written by me personally and improvised musical material, this program is an exploration and personal visionof how to externalize depth and versatility of the mind itself.

Concert impressions