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Erica Roozendaal was born in Onderdijk, The Netherlands, in 1987.  Her first encounter with music was at the local music school where she took accordion lessons until the age of 16. Erica studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with James Crabb where she completed her bachelor and master. Afterwards she took a second master at the Norwegian academy of music in Oslo with Frode Haltli.

Erica has participated and performed throughout Europe in numerous projects, festivals and concerts, for example November Music, UNM, the Atlas Festival, and the Nordic Music Days.

Her interest for new music has led to collaborations with composers, which resulted in numerous new solo works and chamber works.  Established links with composers such as Hafdis Bjarnadottir, Farshid Samandari and Igor Iofe enable a path for Erica to explore adventurous new ways of approaching the accordion.

Next to an interest in contemporary music, Erica also works with baroque and folk music. She plays in Shtetl Band Amsterdam, furthermore she developed a programme in which early Dutch folk melodies intersect with contemporary works.



Roots and Shoots

Early and new Klezmer music. Order here

Music by the wonderful composer Hafdís Bjarnadóttir. I perform on two tracks: Manúdans and Hundur. Hafdís has a playful, versatile and creative way of writing and playing. Order here!

Arquitecturas del Silencio

My first solo album! A personal project with some of my favourite contemporary works, improvised stuff and old Dutch folk music. Order here


Niets van 22 januari 2019 tot 21 februari 2019.

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